Arabian Dishes With a Twist!


There are several dishes in the middle east which can be adapted and tweaked based on taste or preference. The type of food in the region is so diverse that it will not be surprising to find so many variation s of the same dish. Like many world cuisines, people enjoy putting their own twist on things. So much so that the new dish created can be even more popular than the dish it was based on.

At Middlefeast we  believe  in providing the most thorough background information about Arab Food whilst simultaneously  being at the forefront of a new type  of contemporary cuisine.

Below we  have  showcased some  meals or sides that are often made with a twist. A twist being a slight edge being given on a dish that makes it different to the perceived norm. Check out the examples below and try and make some  next time you have Arabic Food.


Hummus: Can be  made with Paprika, Beetroot and Tomato – Simply add these ingredients once blended .


Falafel: Falafel can be made not only with Chickpeas, but with potato and gram  flower added. Potatoes can give a much softer texture and if  gram flower is added the falafel will incorporate a much spicier taste.


Fattoush salad: When making a Lebanese Fattoush salad it is normal to add a citrus dressing within the salad to give a zesty taste. However, to give the dish a bit of a twist you can add Rose Water to the salad. Rose water may sound unusual, however, it has such a beautiful fragrance  which makes it extremely versatile when added to particular foods . By adding the Rose Water, the salad  provides a unique flavour but simultaneously compliments  the salad.