Making Kibbeh the Right Way

A recipe for kibbeh – A popular Lebanese Mezze

Kibbeh  is a popular starter eaten mainly in Lebanon. It is made out of Bulgar Wheat and Minced beef.  The filling consists of minced lamb or minced beef.

The secret of Kibbeh is all to do with the preparation.  If the Bulgur wheat and meat mixture is made fresh and then fried straight away, it tends to be a lot nicer to eat! It is used as an accompaniment to many meals such as chicken shish Taouk, minced lamb kebabs and even just part of a wider mezze dish. You can find it at certain middle eastern shops or large international supermarkets that are on your high street, however, they are likely to taste different due to the manufacturing process and less focus on fresh flavour.

Below, we have provided you with Middlefeast’s take on this dish! You will probably find yourself cooking these every week and don’t worry if you find it tricky the first time. After a couple of times you’ll perfect it.

Ingredients (to serve 7)

250 grams of Bulgar wheat

2 tablespoon of turmeric

250 grams of minced lamb

Half an Onion

2 Tablespoon of Paprika

2 Teaspoons of salt

250ml of Sunflower Oil

Cooking Instructions

Mix the Bulgur wheat and half the mince meat into a blender. Afterwards,  add the spices such as paprika and  turmeric. Keep mixing until you find the mixture becomes a dough. You then have to fry the remaining mince alongside chopped onions. Don’t forget to add salt to this when frying.

After the mince has been fryed, use the dough to shape torpedoes and place the mince meat inside. It is then best to put the prepared torpedoes into a freezer. You should leave it in there for about 3 hours to be safe. The reason for this is if they are left at room temperature before frying they will simply disintegrate into the oil.

Afterwards, take out the kibbeh from the freezer and fry for about 3 minutes turning on both sides. Then serve as a mezze or snack.

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kibbeh and falafel