How to make Beetroot Hummus

Hummus is a very commonly eaten Mezze and falls within the category of middle eastern food. It is a popular food product within middle eastern catering. It is a staple side dish and is now eaten across the world. So much so that it is becoming a common part of peoples weekly shop. Contrary to belief hummus is very healthy, albeit if eaten in small quantities. Unfortunately, most supermarkets put a lot of oil into theirs so this can usually add to the calorie intake. However, with people becoming more health conscious a lot more fat free hummus options are appearing, which is always a good thing!!

There are many variations of Hummus available in local shops or supermarkets, but in the middle east the hummus is usually just made with sprinkles of spices and olive oil on top. A lot of people have told us to create a new type of hummus which is why we created a Beetroot version for our catering orders! Hummous is very easy to make and can be adapted to your own preferences. Once you have made it once, you will be hooked.

Hummus can be eaten with many arabic dishes and Mediterranean dishes whilst being a highly desirable dip at occasions such as weddings and gatherings.

See below for ingredients and preparation instructions.


One can of tinned chickpeas

Three Tablespoons of Tahini

One Freshly squeezed lemon

One clove of Garlic

One quarter of a cooked beetroot

Three Tablespoons of Olive Oil

One Tablespoon of Sumac and One Tablespoon of Paprika


First, simply pour all the chickpeas into a food processor, make sure to drain off any excess water. Then slowly mix the chickpeas using the machine until it gets to a paste like consistency. Then start adding the garlic clove, Tahini and lemon juice slowly and keep mixing. You will notice that the hummus becomes smoother. Now add the beetroot ( which should be soft) and then add the olive oil. Continue to mix using the food processor until you see the colour change to a type of pink. Once the hummus has a smooth consistency, remove it from the food processor and garnish with olive oil, sumac and paprika then leave it in the fridge for an hour to cool. You can also add a cherry tomato and mint on top for presentation.  Afterwards, remove from the fridge and enjoy with a variety of vegetables or pita bread.