The growth of veggie cuisine

 Veggie Food

These days more and more people are reaching out to vegetarian cuisine. It is becoming a way of life for many people and with the health foods sector increasing year by year it can be of no surprise. Some of us associate vegetarian cuisine with salad based dishes or a meal with the core ingredients consisting of beans. However, there are so many more dishes that are not as well known yet and in our opinion add an another dimension to vegetarian cuisine.

Certain world cuisines are more top heavy with vegetarian dishes than others. For example, Indian food can be said to be heavily focussed on vegetarian cuisine due to the country having sizeable religious communities whereby the consumption of meat is prohibited. Indian food on the whole is very popular in the UK leading to people being extremely knowledgeable on both Indian meat and vegetarian dishes.

However, middle eastern cuisine is less well known. There are occasional comparisons with Mediterranean, Greek and Turkish food but on the whole it is still very different. For example, Moussaka is one of those dishes that is eaten both in Greece and the Middle East. One of the dishes that is exclusive to the middle east is Batinjaan – which translates to Aubergine soup in Arabic cuisine. It is made by grilling or frying the Aubergine first and then cooking a tomato based soup with coriander, tomatoes, onions and pepper. It is a very flavourful dish and the texture of the Aubergines give it a meaty taste.

Aside from the well publicised middle eastern vegetarian sides like Hummus and falafel, Kubbah Hamuth is less well know but nevertheless a delicious Iraqi and Jordanian dish. It is a common dish in arabic catering especially weddings. It can be best described as a rice ball that is filled with either mince meat or vegetables. A popular vegetarian filling within this dish is soya mince (see picture below).

Being based in Leeds and London, we can provide a full vegetarian menu for both locations if required. We can also provide a vegetarian menu for any event across the UK.  If you are interested in vegetarian food and would like to know more about Middlefeasts vege options then please get in touch with us. Also, don’t forget to check back for part 2 of our veggie post!



Kubbah Hamuth