How to save money on your wedding



Weddings are the most joyous of occasions, something that stays with a couple for the rest of their lives. Many people endeavour to make their wedding day extremely memorable and go to great lengths to plan their big day. It is also commonly said that weddings can be extremely stressful and also very expensive. This has resulted in many events companies providing services which incorporate the planning and execution into one package in order to prevent the couple trying to organise everything themselves.

However, there are ways to avoid paying high costs to companies who promise to organise the whole event. Firstly, it is always best to come up with a budget that is both prudent and affordable. Afterwards, it is wise to split the day into categories and segments. This enables you to focus on each part and prevents the couple becoming flustered. It is then probably best to make enquiries about each area and negotiate on prices, especially if you book the company there and then. This shows the company that you are serious and enables you to get a bargain!

For example, if you are looking at buying flowers it may be an idea to choose maybe one or two varieties, which then makes it easier to compare prices and reduces the stress of trying to find similar prices for a wide permutation of flowers. This will save you both money and time.

Also, if venues are your main expense you should enquire as to whether you can dress tables the way you like, hire your own entertainment and hire your own wedding caterers. The reason being, you may find the perfect venue but you do not want to take the in house catering or the in house entertainment. After all, it is your wedding day and you should be able to tailor it the way you want. Many venues now offer the option to bring in external companies for food and entertainment if you request so.

In terms of food, it is common for hotels to now include varied menus in order to cater for the masses. However, if you require a more specialised  menu it is maybe worth looking at external companies that can provide a more focused menu dependent on your cuisine. Take a look at the video below which showcases a taster session from our events menu.