Welcome to MiddleFeast

So this is our first blog post on our new website! We can’t wait to show you guys the food we’ve been cooking recently for corporate events and food festivals. We are aiming to be one of the largest Middle Eastern/Arabic food caterers in the country and we would love it if you try our food. Middle Eastern food can sometimes be associated predominantly with Lebanese food, however, Middle Eastern food actually varies from country to country which you foodies out there would most likely know! Each country in the Middle East has its own unique dishes with amazingly distinctive flavours that are so hard to find in the UK. MiddleFeast aims to bring you guys the most traditional and flavoursome middle eastern food available and what’s more we cook it in the traditional way.¬†From Kubbah to Quzi, our aim is to showcase and introduce people to Arabic food that they might not have tried before. MiddleFeast caters nationwide and we have the ideal menu for those who may want to branch out to Arabic food for their wedding.


As lovers of food from all over the world, we have developed a fondness for our lunch staples such as the Chicken sandwich, Mexican wrap and even the addictive Asian Samosa. So we thought why not offer a different type of lunch menu, something that was gourmet but also familiar. Eventually we came up with our take on the Salt Beef sandwich. The meat we use is specially cured and ridiculously addictive. We also added our Middle Eastern Chicken Biryani to our lunch menu. Chicken Biryani is often associated with Asian cuisine where it is extremely popular both in the UK aswell as India and Pakistan. But chicken Biryani is also popular in the Middle East. A different variation of spices are used and even raisins are. It is commonly eaten in Lebanon , Iraq and Jordan to name a few countries.


Over the next few weeks we will be showcasing more and more of our food, introducing promotions and also showing you guys the methods involved in preparing arabic food.